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Our dusty hearts

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Look at the stars

Aisling, sixteen and I can be extremely fangirlish. On somedays i'll eat a sugar lump and be quiet but on others, i won't show. I love eating oreos layer-by-layer and one whole. My biggest fandom is Tokio Hotel but you don't have to know. The only person i aspire to be is Audrey Hepburn. I'm not exactly weird, just lovable ^^

Sunsets, sunrises, roasted marshmellows, high-zeroes, xoxo, holding hands, a shoulder to sleep on, songs, laughter, tears, sour things, handshakes, drums, ballet dancing, mac hotcakes, iPod, tug-of-war, chocolate fondue, bill kaulitz, my birthday, tents, free hugs, playing poker, spitting out vodka, phone calls, rides home, bike stunts, saying goodbye and hello again, kind cab drivers. 

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